The Field lies within the Parish of Musgrave.

See a Map of Musgrave Parish.

Musgrave Parish Council 


Chairman: Mr Tim Wells (Great Musgrave)

Vice-Chairman: Mr Mike Clarke  (Little Musgrave)

Mr John Bousfield (Langrigg)

Mr Clive Hutchinson (Flitholme)

Mr Mick Watson (Great Musgrave)


Mrs Heidi Strong
5 Pembroke Close, Brough, Cumbria, CA17 4BF.
Tel: 017683 41102

If you would like to speak to a member of the Parish Council please ring the Clerk and she will direct you to the Councillor for your area.

Further information about Musgrave Parish Council is given here.

Musgrave Parish Council Meetings

The next Meeting of Musgrave Parish Council will be held on Thursday 6 December 2018 at 7.30 pm in Musgrave Village Hall

MPC Agenda 6.12.18

Previous Meetings

MPC Agenda 1.11.18
MPC Minutes 1.11.18

MPC Agenda 12.9.18
MPC Minutes 12.9.18

MPC Agenda 18.7.18
MPC Minutes 18.7.18

MPC Agenda 6.6.18
MPC Minutes 6.6.18

MPC AGM Agenda 25.4.18

MPC Agenda 25.4.18
MPC Minutes 25.4.18

MPC Agenda 14.2.18
MPC Minutes 14.2.18

MPC Agenda 11.12.17
MPC Minutes 11.12.17

MPC Agenda 25.10.17
MPC Minutes 25.10.17

MPC Agenda 6.9.17
MPC Minutes 6.9.17

MPC Agenda 6.7.17
MPC Minutes 6.7.17

MPC AGM Agenda 4.5.17
MPC AGM Minutes 4.5.17

MPC Agenda 4.5.17
MPC Minutes 4.5.17

MPC Agenda 23.3.17
MPC Minutes 23.3.17

MPC Agenda 26.1.17
MPC Minutes 26.1.17

MPC Agenda 8.12.16
MPC Minutes 8.12.16

MPC Agenda 26.10.16

MPC Agenda 21.9.16
MPC Minutes 21.9.16

MPC Agenda 20.7.16
MPC Minutes 20.7.16

MPC Minutes 1.6.16

MPC AGM Minutes 20.4.16