Sunday 5 August 2018, followed by a BBQ in Musgrave Village Institute

Duck Race 2018 Notice Duck_Race_2018_Start-min.JPG Duck_Race_2018_Middle-min.JPG Duck_Race_2018_Finish-min.JPG Duck_Race_2018_Finish_2-min.JPG

This was the slowest ever One-Duck Race! The raging torrent (slow trickle) of the Eden was offset by a roaring westerly (slight zephyr) to give a finishing speed of 0.01 miles per hour for the one and only proud duck who kept her head down and made it over the line. The rest suffered unprecedented blow-back.

The Musgrave Ducks raced on Sunday 6 August 2017

 Duck Race 2017 Start Duck Race 2017 Middle Duck Race 2017 Finish

 . . . and the Winner was . . . 238!

The 2015 Musgrave Duck Race took place on Sunday 2 August

Duck Race 2015 Start Duck Race 2015 Spectators
Duck Race 2015 - Start                                                     Spectators
Duck Race 2015 - will I win Duck Race 2015 Finish
Will I win (or fall in)?                                                           Finishing line